Endless Summer

Endless Summer


So it’s September and it is 41 outside.

I know that everyone has been loving this summer but I would like it to end soon please.

I am not a spoil sport I just want to sleep through the  night.

We don’t have air conditioning and fans are just not cutting it.

I think maybe I will have to start freezing my underwear or throwing ice down my pants if this keeps up!

I am dreaming about snow storms and rainy fall days with beautiful foliage.

Does anyone remember sweater weather or playing in the fallen leaves?

How about skiing, skating and racing down the toboggan hills?

I am so looking forward to a change of season.

Homemade soup, roasted veggies, chili and pot roast.

So missing these amazing meals in my kitchen,

I am already planning a lovely roasted capon family dinner and am wondering when I can get on that.

One bonus of the long summer we have had is the amount of pears I was able to collect from out back.

What a bounty!

I have made two different versions of pear/cinnamon loaf and an upside down pear/cranberry cake.

Just delicious!

I am thinking that maybe a pear muffin might be in order this weekend.

Or even a pear pie….Hmmm.

Ideas, ideas, ideas roaming around in my brain.

I will be posting the recipes I have already made in just a few days so you can try some yourself.

My kids have pronounced everything wonderful so far and the testament is the fact that they gobbled them up in just a couple of days.

I love creating new recipes and when they are a hit, it warms my heart.

I am sitting here with a fan blowing on me and still melting.

There is a pasta bake in the oven and it is so hot in there!

I think I need to go sit on the deck in the shade to get away from this heat!

A nice citrus infused ice water and my feet up sounds like a great way to finish the day.

I hope you are coping well with the heat and enjoying this endless summer.

I will not be the person wishing for summer in the middle of January as I will be loving the winter to come and enjoying every stomp through the snow!

Have an awesome weekend and stay tuned for those pear recipes!

Too your health!


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