It’s fall and winter is fast approaching, are you ready?

This spice is something most of us have in our kitchens.

The smell evokes memories of holidays and the great food that accompanied them.

It makes our mouth water and our stomach growl.

Cookies, loaves and the scent of Christmas.

Love this spice but did you know how it can help you?

I have been fascinated by all the good things that are in this wonderful spice.

I don’t have diabetes but studies have shown that cinnamon has the ability to improve blood sugar control.

Just 1/2 a teaspoon a day can help with blood sugar control!

So sprinkle that stuff on your toast, bagel, cereal and oatmeal!

Boost the flavour of your foods, stimulate your olfactory nerves and enjoy some health benefits along the way.

Sprinkle it on pears, apples and peaches to make them sing in your mouth.

Use it boost the flavour of your chicken and pork and have your body singing with health!

What else can it do?

So glad you asked!

It has been shown to improve insulin function and to cut triglycerides and total cholesterol  by 12-30 percent!

Wow! That sure packs a punch.

What else can it do?

It may even help prevent blood clots which makes it a super heart smart spice.

It is rich in polyphenols which is a rich antioxidant.

Cinnamon is high in fiber as well as having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and may even reduce heartburn in some people,

It does all that and still tasted fantastic in so many dishes.

We make a tea in our house when we are dealing with respiratory illnesses.

Take a fresh slice of lemon and drop it in a mug.

Add 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric, a small slice of ginger and 2 teaspoons of raw honey.

Bring water to boil and pour over the mixture.

Let sit for 3-5 minutes.

Drink it while it is warm/hot.

Do this three to four times a day and you will sleep well as well as suffer for a shorter period of time.

My kids have learned to make this on there own and I often find them making this when they have a sore throat coming on or are feeling like they are catching a cold.

I often use cinnamon on spicy chicken drumsticks and we never have any leftovers!

It makes the spice pop and all the flavours are enhanced for a delightful and tasty meal.

Oven warmed sliced pears are delicious with cinnamon and a little sugar as are apples.

I find that we don’t need very much sugar on these when we have fresh cinnamon around.

Want everyone to tell you how great your house smells?

Grab a pot and throw in some water, some broken cinnamon sticks and a little bit of vanilla bean.

Simmer on low and let that scent envelope the house.

It smells amazing, is relaxing and everyone will love the aroma.

They will also ask you if you are baking!

Just adding cinnamon to a cup of tea instead of sugar will help your health and make your mouth sing with delight.

One of the teas that I make quite often uses this spice to great advantage.

I often take this with me when I am on the go.

I/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of maple syrup. 1/8 teaspoon of chili powder and a wedge of your favourite citrus fruit.

Place it all in your favourite carry mug and pour over boiled water.

No need to let it steep, just grab and go!

Delicious and nutritious!

Start adding this amazing spice to your dishes and watch how much better you start to feel.

Let me know what you have discovered as I would like to hear what works for you!

Have an awesome day out there!

To your health!!

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