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A lot of people I know skip breakfast.

I have often wondered why.

Are you a breakfast skipper?

Why is it important to have a meal in the morning?

Your body has been hard at work all night.

It makes repairs, cleans out toxins and rejuvenates all while you are sleeping.

Lots of work going on.

It has not been fed for 8-14 hours and now needs to be fed.

When you just give your body coffee or tea in the morning you are not giving it anything to work with.

I know and have heard people tell me that they have no time to stop for breakfast.

Fair enough.

Lets try and debunk the theory that breakfast takes time.

Eggs, nutritious and delicious, easy and quick to make.

It takes only a couple of minutes to fry up some eggs.

If you want them scrambled, simple, just give them a whip and throw them in the pan.

How about an omelet?

Whip the eggs and just throw in your favourites and way you go.

Too much trouble?

The night before boil up a few eggs and then throw them in the fridge.

Grab a couple along with an apple and you are ready to go.

Try a couple of eggs with some tomatoes and spinach and you are set for a few hours.

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods to have in the morning.

They pack a healthy protein to fat ratio along with tasting just delicious.

If you have an egg allergy try a sliced apple with some nut butter.

Crispy and crunchy with the added advantage of protein from the nut butter.

Try some leftovers.

They are already in the fridge and just need a quick reheat to get you going.

How about a smoothie?

You have all the ingredients in the fridge already.

We freeze single serve yogurt so it is already for a smoothie.

Just pop the frozen yogurt in the blender add some hemp powder, some fruit, honey or maple syrup and turn that sucker on!

Not  a dairy eater?

Try some nut milk with a handful of spinach and fruit and you have yourself a meal on the run.

There are so many ways to kick start your system that only take a few minutes so explore some options that work for you.

Just a reminder that if you are trying to control your weight or even loose some that breakfast will help you do that.

Plenty of research has shown that eating helps with the maintenance of ideal weight as well as contributing to weight loss.

You will also reduce the amount of snacking you do by eating breakfast.

If you are sated in the morning you are less likely to be looking for that muffin or bagel at mid morning and you will make healthier choices at lunch and dinner.

So there you have it.

I have just finished some leftovers myself and am hunkering down to get some work done.

It is a fantastic fall day so get out there and enjoy it before winter sets in!

To your health!!



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