This week lets talk about organizing.

You may think you are organized and that may be true for some of you but the vast majority of us really have to keep an eye on this one.

I am pretty organized in some areas of my home and life but I am always looking for ways to get better at it.

Today it was tackling the bed in my daughters room and it needed some structural soundness added and the mattresses needed to go.

Once that was taken care of it was the rest of the room that needed to be sorted.

I know she is going to get to it and she does not want my help so I just left the room as is and we will see what happens.

But the front entry, that was my challenge!

With the number of people that are in and out of the house on a regular basis and the boots and coats that accumulate it really needs a makeover.

The coat rack that is up at present is broken and old so down it came.

Next, what to replace it with?

Well, that is a work in progress and I am hoping to do a reveal in the next week or two.

Fall is approaching quicker than we all want so it needs doing sooner rather than later.

On to the rest of the house.

Storage boxes have been cleaned out and reorganized.

They have been moved out of the way and I finally know where the odds and ends that I occasionally use are.

Easy to get to but not in the way of anything else.

I still have some spots to take on but slowly the order in my house is returning and I am enjoying that a lot.

The process is tedious and time-consuming but once done we will have space for ourselves and our guest and that is exciting!

So what are you tackling next?

Got some books that need culling before you fill that new bookshelf?

Sell your extras at a garage sale or donate them to a shelter or maybe to some friends that have not read them yet.

You could start a book trade in your neighourhood and save money while still enjoying some great reads.

Or take them on a road trip and share them with some campers or holiday folks you meet along the way.

Have a ton of toys your kids have outgrown?

Again, garage sale, donate to a shelter or give to goodwill or variety village.

Or if you know of someone in your family or friends network that has children that the toys are age-appropriate for you might consider passing them along.

Remember your used stuff is a treasure for someone else and in today’s economy, all help is welcome.

Shelving and storage boxes are what saves us from a lot of clutter and we try to make sure we have storage spaces that accommodate our needs as they arise.

Shelving on the walls so things are off the floor, bookshelves so larger spaces stay tidy and storage boxes for under beds, backs of closets or in the basement keeps things out of mind and out of the way.

We do go through the boxes yearly just so we are sure that the usefulness of the items remains and if we feel it is no longer necessary to keep, it goes to second-hand heaven or somewhere else where it will be cherished by someone else.

It keeps our spaces tidy and our brains up to date as we grow and change.

Something that was so precious when we were five may not hold the same value to us now.

Take a picture, write a little story about how it helped you or what it meant to you, store that in a diary or on your computer, put the item in a box and wish it well on its journey.

You may be surprised by how this frees you.

By acknowledging its importance, your history and your growth it allows you to move on lovingly with no regrets and a ton of peace.

Share the stories with the people who chose the gift for you or who helped you create the memories as they will be honoured by the story as much as you are.

It is a great way to forge new memories and honour your past while moving forward.

Win-win for everyone.

Don’t be afraid to let some of these things go.

You have a whole world out here to enjoy and hanging on to your past means you have no room to grow and enrich your life with new memories and stories and friends.

Let me know how all of this works for you.

I know as the seasons change that this will be revisited and some of you will have some great tips and stories to share!

I am really looking to hearing how things are going for you and some of the changes you have made!

To your health!

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