Yes, I mean you.

I get told everyday about things people have eliminated from their diets so they can loose weight.

I have to say that loosing weight is not about what you take out of your diet but how you treat the food you eat every day.

Bread is fine to eat if you do it in moderation and have healthy bread.

Likewise for just about everything you can think of.

There are very few things I would consider a must to eliminate from your diet.

Pop, juice, junk food and foods high in sugar, salt or oils.

Eating a diet of loads of fresh veggies, moderate amounts of fruit, moderate amounts of meats, fish and poultry and no dairy with a limited amount of grain products is very healthy and easy to do.

If you still want to drink juice then try water with fresh fruit.

I prefer having chunks of citrus fruit in my water and I drink it all day.

I cut up chunks of oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruit, put them in a bag and toss them in the freezer.

Every morning I grab my water bottle, throw in some frozen fruit chunks, add some ice and water and I am all set.

Refill as necessary and you have a refreshing beverage on the go that has the added benefit of cleaning your kidneys and slightly reducing your appetite.

No added sugar or calories and keeps your food consumption in check.

How cool is that?

I also travel with a hot beverage that consists of a lemon wedge, 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and 1 1/2 teaspoon of maple syrup or raw honey with boiled water.

Again, lots of detox effects with the added bonus of stimulation for weight loss and a slight appetite suppression effect.

Between these two drinks I never feel like I will over eat and because I am not as hungry my food choices tend to be better.

Breakfast almost always includes eggs and veggies in one form or another.

Lunch, more veggies and maybe some fruit.

Dinner is usually more veggies with meat, poultry, chicken or fish and maybe a serving of pasta, potatoes or rice.

I don’t have snacks very often but when I do it tends to be something I have made and I almost never eat out.

None of this requires a load of time to pull together and most of it is pack and go.

I do have chips on occasion but it is not often as I am rarely hungry between meals or in the evening.

Another thing to consider is getting rid of the word diet all together.

Diet simply means a pattern of eating.

So let’s stick to words like food choices or pattern of eating or even nutrition intake, anything but diet.

A diet is not something you are on it is a habit of eating so, change your habit of eating and you will notice a change in other habits as well.

By teaching your brain that you are not on a “DIET” but rather on a successful pattern of healthy eating you will not feel like you are deprived of anything and food will not be your enemy but will start working in your favour.

Yes, you can still have a piece of cake or some cookies and yes a drink as well.

The only thing that is changing is your behaviour and attitude to food.

No diet just healthy good food whenever you want.

You will loose weight just by stopping and not eating the bad stuff and you will become more thoughtful and aware about what you are putting in your mouth.

I did not get to be my former weight because I was paying attention to what I ate but I will get to where I want to be by becoming more aware of what I am actually consuming and how much.

I know that everyone can do the same thing.

We are so busy rushing around that we are not paying attention and that has impacted our health, our lifestyle and even our jobs and sleeping patterns.

So let’s all choose to do better.

And really, it is a choice, everyday and every meal.

Start by stocking your kitchen with better choices and then living up to the promises we made to ourselves.

You are not competing with anyone else.

This is not a race, this is your life.

I want to be around to see my grandchildren and be able to play with them.

I can’t do that unless I start everyday with that long term goal in mind.

I will be healthy for the rest of my life by taking care of my health today and everyday.

It starts every morning of every day and if a day is not perfect, I get to start again the next morning.

No excuse is good enough to put off your health.

Only a few foods are out of bounds but they are not ones that you will miss.

Take charge of your tomorrow today and look at how great you are!

Go ahead, look in the mirror and tell yourself how delighted you are just being the awesome person that you are!

There is no one else on the planet who is just like you.

You are special and unique and you are glorious so go and tell yourself how great you really are!

Now, start tomorrow and be even better.

Get up and take on the world.

Show them what you are made of and glory in being you!

Make every day your best day, smile at everyone and thank everyone for being in your life.

Better idea, start today!

Hugs, your kids, your partner or your friends.

Tell them that you love them and mean it.

Tell yourself how much you love you and take a big bite of life along the way.

Live joyfully and be present.

I can hardly wait to hear your stories!

Too your health!!





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