Spring is on the way and outdoor activities are beginning.

One of my most enjoyable activities is hiking.

Why you may ask?

It requires no equipment, you don’t have to carry anything except

your water with you and anyone at any age can participate.

A good pair of shoes and a nice day are all you need.

Do you have to leave the city to go hiking?

No, we just call it going for a walk when we do it in the city.

With the number of trails that surround us and all the paths and

neighbourhoods in the city, you can pick which ever you prefer.

Check out the trails at the Evergreen Brickworks or just amble along the

boardwalk at the beach.

Feel like a food exploration day, try  Queen West or the Beach.

How about the Junction or Queens Quay?

Take a trip to the Islands and just revel in all that gorgeous nature and water.

Take a dip while you are there!

How about Lawrence or Harbourfront?

The possibilities in the city are endless!

Need more than city views?

Hop in the car and try Hamilton,

The Bruce Trail is spectacular and offers great hiking trails.

Waterfalls to make your picture taking breathtaking and trails for

a variety of distances.

How about Peterborough?

The Trent River system is a great hike and if you like canoeing, even more

opportunities to explore.

Because hiking/walking is free you can enjoy nature and neighbourhoods

while still incorporating exercise in your daily routine.

Yes, I said daily.

Want an ice cream?

Take a walk in the neighbourhood, say hello to some neighbours and enjoy

everything that is happening around you.

Want to try a new restaurant, check out a few that are within walking


Make walking part of your healthy plan for your new year.

Just like spring reinvents herself every year, try it for yourself and see what

changes you notice in yourself.

It doesn’t even have to be for a long period of time.

Start by circling your block and getting to know your neighbours.

One block will shortly lead to two and then three and pretty soon you have

discovered a whole neighbourhood and neighbours!

Start today.

Take a short walk after dinner everyday for the next week and see how

you feel.

Surprise yourself with how good you feel and how much better you sleep.

Don’t put it on your to-do list, put it on the do now list and enjoy!

To your health!

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2 Replies to “LIFESTYLE”

  1. Great clues but is it really eight months since you last posted?
    Glara hope you find the motivation again … building followers does take time but even monthly is good 🙂

  2. Thank you for this! I had just walked around my block yesterday, giving small gifts to my neighbors for Christmas, and I had told myself that I need to do this more often…the walking part. It’s not the first time I’ve gone walking, but I’ve been hit or miss, and it’s been about a month since I did go! Thanks for the reminder, and thanks for the recent follow! 😊

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