Why is purging important?

I took a long time to figure this one out.

What did I learn along the way?

Such a simple but important habit to practice.

Why you ask?

It keeps your house and therefore your mind free of clutter.

Lets you keep an eye on your weight and notice changes in your diet

and monitors your changing lifestyle needs.

If you have areas of your house that are cluttered it takes up space

in your mind.

You try ignoring it, you say you are going to get to it but it is a

a persistent reminder that you have not completed a task.

If you can’t complete that task what about the others tasks you are

letting go?

Is it becoming a habit in other areas of your life?

Is it spilling over into your work?

Are you letting other things slide as well?

Is your health what it should be?

Are you still going to the gym, taking time with friends and


How are those grand plans of your coming along?

It might seem like something that is quite trivial but it is subtle

and powerful.

Like all the things we think just creep up on us, if we tackle it

head-on and get it out-of-the-way, a couple of things happen.

First, the task is done and no longer hanging around and taking up

space in your home and brain.

Second,the joy of a task completed gives your brain a boost.

Happy brain and happy life.

When it becomes a habit you set in motion a chain of events that

prepares you to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities!

How so you ask?

Your brain has free space.

It is just that simple.

When your mind is not occupied with trivial details like finding time

to clean up the living room or go through the basement, you now

have time to concentrate your energy on the real areas you want to


Just think how much time you would have for family and friends.

How about starting a new hobby or planning a family trip?

What about new courses to advance your career or make a career

change all together?

Or how about volunteering?

So much time and so many new options to consider!

So, does it make sense to schedule purging into your life?

Have you got a new outlook when it comes to purging?

What do you do with all the things that are no longer needed

in your life?

Donate to a charity, take it to Goodwill or Value Village, give it to a

shelter or have a garage sale.

Have fun with it and let me know if you have some great ideas!

I would love to hear your success stories with purging,

How did it change your life?

Big, small or not at all!

To your health!

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