Like the changing of the seasons we too need to change as we age.

There are moments in our lives where it is obvious we need to change.

Moving from elementary school to high school, university/college student to employment.

We are constantly evolving in one way or another.

But then comes the day we realize that we are someplace we never expected.

In the wrong job, with the wrong partner, living in the wrong city.

Oh, the horror of just letting life happen!

This is what we get when we don’t pay attention to the little things that really matter.

Take your head out of the sand and start asking yourself some tough questions.

Do you like your job?

Does it give you satisfaction?

Are you eager to get to work each day?

Do you enjoy the people and the environment you are working in?

What about your partner?

Are they who you still want in your life?

Are you the partner they want to spend time with?

Write down how you feel about these questions.

Really think about your life and the people that play a major roll in it.

Do you get to be content and grateful or exhausted and fed up?

Do you come home from work and find your home a sanctuary or is it still part of your daily battles?

These are questions I have been contemplating myself.

Have I come up with some definitive plans for myself?

I have and I have also found that some small changes are making big differences.

I wanted to share some of this journey with you.

First simple step I started with.


Yup, that’s it.

Every day I make time to meditate.

It can take as little as 5 minutes or as long as an hour.

What benefit have I noticed?

By taking the time to meditate I free up my mind to think more clearly,  to find solutions for things that had me puzzled and I wake up refreshed in my mind every morning.

I put meditative music on before I go to sleep and wake up with purpose and excitement every day.

You can find all types of meditative recordings online for free or you may prefer to join a meditation group that meets daily to meditate together.

Are there are thousands of both available!

Find someone you like and tune in to the benefits yourself.

The other task I have set myself is to approach my health with a better understanding of what I need to do to stay healthy.

You might like going to the gym, meeting friends in a running group. playing hockey, basketball, volleyball, going hiking or just walking the neighbourhood with friends.

I know that much of this has changed due to the pandemic but when we can all get out there again make sure you have a plan.

Exercise does not always require a destination, sometimes the journey is the destination.

What about swimming or biking.

Both pursuits can be alone or with a buddy.

Just get out there and move.

I have chosen walking and swimming as ways to increase my activity.

It matters little what you choose but you really need to choose something.

Why you ask?

Your body needs to move to stay healthy.

Exercise impacts your health in several different ways.

It helps with circulation and digestion.

When you exercise you increase your fluid intake, stimulate your immune system, decrease your respiratory rate and increase cardiac function.


Look at you getting healthy and increasing your ability to live a long and healthy life!!

Other by-products of exercising include increase mental function and productivity as well as increasing our energy levels.

Yeah Baby!!

Look at you go!!

And the last thing I have added is a very simple mind-altering trick.

Are you ready for the last piece of this small change puzzle?

All right, here it is.

Write down three things that make you smile today.

Before you go to sleep just write down three things in your day that made you smile.

No one else is going to be reading this but you.

In the morning before you rush out the door, read those three things to yourself or out loud if you prefer.

A surprising thing starts to happen when you do this consistently, you start to find more than just three things and you will start looking for more ways to bring those joyful moments into your life,

Yup, that’s right

You have turned on one of the most powerful systems you have available to you.

The attitude of gratitude.

The more moments you find the more you will create, the more you create and share the more everyone else has as well.

It becomes an infection and starts spreading everywhere!

OMG, an infection of gratitude!!

How can this be!!

It’s everywhere!!

Yup, that is exactly what happens and pretty soon you won’t have time to write down all the amazing moments that happen in your day!!

So three little thing to start changing your life today.

Moments, movement, meditation.

 All of you can make these three simple things a staple in your daily routines so start today.

Let me know how it is going for you and I will continue to let you know how things are progressing on my end.

To your health!

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