about the author

Gretchen Theakston-Larabee
 If you want to work with me I’d love to talk to you. I support folks who are working to make positive changes in their lifestyle.
Make the most of your grocery money, enjoy better health, and the satisfaction of home cooking. Tell me what’s up for you and I’ll do my best to help!

What I bring to the table:

   *20 plus years of nursing
    *varied specialties in nursing with the last nine years in emergency
    *over 10 years of study in nutrition and coaching
    *travelled and lived across Canada
    *Mother of 4 with 3 presently at home
    *Loves travelling and exploring new countries and cities
    *Homeschooled youngest 3 children until youngest was 12
    *Supports environment friendly practices
    * digs gardening and supports more green spaces in the city

    *supports free market trade by shopping at neighbourhood stores and farmers markets

    * uses public transportation
    *believes everyone has the ability to be healthy and live a long life free of pain
    *family first
    *success in all areas of your life is possible for everyone