Simple, easy and just delicious!

Quite a few people have asked for this recipe so here you go!

This avocado dressing is amazing on pastas of all kinds!

I have used it on toast and in salads as well and it just works fantastic!

Avocado Dressing


1 Ripe Avocado

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste

Dried Tarragon flakes to taste

Garlic Powder to taste


Slice avocado in half length wise.

Remove pit and scoop out pulp.

Place pulp in medium sized bowl.

Mash pulp until smooth.

Add olive oil until a smooth paste is formed.

Not to thick as it will need to balance with the avocado for a dressing like texture.

Add salt and pepper to taste. (I usually use about 1/4 tsp each)

Add garlic powder to taste. (I usually use about 1/2 tsp)

Add tarragon flakes to taste. ( use up to 1 tsp depending on what the dressing is going over)

Make sure everything is well blended.

Leave at room temperature until ready to use.

I usually whip this up while my main dish is cooking.

In the above picture I used it with spaghetti and pan grilled chicken breast.

The chicken breast was cooked in olive oil using salt, pepper, garlic and tarragon

so the avocado dressing was an enhancement to the chicken.

This dish was amazingly delicious with the just the right touch of sweet from the

avocado and piquant flavour from the tarragon.

We use this dressing often and have given it a bit of zip using paprika or

harassa spice for a real zing.

Still tasted amazing!

Because avocado is so versatile you can really compliment a variety of dishes

with this dressing.

Over toast with a bit of bacon and tomato and  your mouth will start

singing with bliss!

Go ahead and whip some up today and let me know what you think!!

I think I am going to be heading to the kitchen soon to make some for

the homemade burgers we are having tonight.

Better taste than mayo and better for you!


To your health!